When is Mental Health Awareness Week?

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Mental Health awareness is a program that educates on various ways that we can cope with stress. It was last held in this year from 14 to 20th of May in 2018. The program is run by mind.org.uk, and it mainly pays attention to improving performance in the workplace. It does this by teaching the employees and the employers to create a good and mentally healthy working environment.

The organisation offers tips and guidance on what to do to achieve a good and healthy living in the workplace.

Why is mental health a problem at the workplace?

Stress is mainly brought about by overwhelming thoughts and activities that are expected from one person. Stress is common in the workplaces where the employers create a high expectation from the employees within a short period. Therefore, the mental health Awareness was developed. It began as a way of thinking and coming up with great ideas regarding how to deal with various stresses at the workplace.

Training for employers.

This program is not focused on one area of management since the members involved work from different organisations. If you are a CEO or a manager, you may need to improve the mental health of their employees in the company. Therefore, this program would be perfect for you.

The employers are trained on different practical ways to support the employees. This is to help them become more productive to the organisation without straining them at all. Training is offered various information and resources. These skills can be employed in their leadership. They also receive training on how to carry out their leadership in the organisation.

Training for employees.

Employees are the most affected people in their job due to the huge work responsibilities that they are required to fulfil at a given time. This program trains them on how to deal with the stress in their jobs.

About the mental health awareness week.

Mental Health Foundation hosted the program. The main agenda of this year’s meeting focused on stress and how to curb it in the workplaces.

As we all know stress is one of the greatest causes of mental diseases such as depression, anxiety, and many others. So, if one can get rid of stress, then they will be able to improve their general mental health too. This in return leads to a reduction of a various social issue like suicide.

What happened during mental health awareness Week 2018?

This year’s annual meeting also involved supporting the people with mental health challenges. The title of the event was curry and Chaat. The founders mobilised people to buy delicious curry at the event. The money collected from the sales would be used to support the mental health foundation.

The results of the study conducted by the mental health Foundation in 2018.

The study was conducted by the YouGov poll, and the respondents were estimated to be about 4,619. According to the previous study report, this appears to be the largest reported number of stress in the UK alone.

  • Age response regarding stress.
    The study showed that the young people are more affected by stress. 30 per cent of the adults were stressed, but they didn’t get to the point of getting overwhelmed. On the other hand, 7 per cent of young people got overwhelmed to a point whereby they could not cope with the stress.
  • The behavioural effects of stress.
    The report showed that 49 per cent of people engaged in unhealthy eating as a result of stress. 29 per cent started to drink, and others increased their alcohol intake. Also, 16 per cent started to smoke, and others increased their smoking habit.
  • Psychological effects.
    51 per cent of the people were deeply affected by stress such that it led them to a depression mode while 61 per cent felt anxious as a result of the stress.

    Out of these people, 16 per cent of them resulted in harming themselves. Worryingly, a total of 32 per cent reported as having suicidal thoughts and feelings. 37 per cent of the adults diagnosed with stress reported to feeling lonely.

The causes of stress.

  • 36 per cent of people who reported being stressed stated that a long-term health condition caused it. This was a condition which affected them or a person close to them. The highest number of people affected by this was adults above 55 years and above.
  • 22 per cent reported being initially stressed as a result of debt.
  • 12 per cent of the highly stressed people were as a result of being asked to respond to a particular message with urgency, and they were not ready.
  • 49 per cent of people between the ages of 18-24 were stressed as a result of comparing themselves to others. This was the highest cause in young adults as opposed to the older generation.
  • 36 per cent of women were affected by stress due to issues that they had with their physical appearance. The number of males was 23 per cent which is a bit lower as opposed to women.
  • Housing and personal worries was also a great cause of stress in all people. It affected 32 per cent of people between the age of 18-24, 22 per cent of people between 45 to 50 years and 7 per cent on people from 55 years and above.
  • Success pressure is another cause of stress whereby young people feel more pressured to become successful in life. Success pressure affected 60 per cent of people between 18 -24 years, 41 per cent of age 25-34, 17 per cent of 45-54 ages and 0 for people over 55 years.
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