What Is The Best Exercise For The Elderly?

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It is no secret that the benefits of doing exercises improve health and reduce the risk of developing diseases such as diabetes. But what is the best exercise for the elderly?

Unfortunately, not many older adults who take part in living an active life. Most of them don’t like doing exercises. According to the research done by Dr Linus Tan Ren Hao, he reported that many seniors feel that they cannot be able to exercise because they have insufficient strength and are unable to endure. It further indicated that some seniors fear falling while the majority of them are afraid of over-exerting themselves.

In his recommendation, Dr Linus said that age should not be used as an obstacle to exercise. He said, “As long as there are no pre-existing medical conditions where strenuous exercise is not allowed, it is possible to get moving even as you age.” He argued that being inactive in most cases worsen peoples’ health. Four best exercises for seniors.

Elderly people require to take care of their bodies. This will help them become fit and of good health wise.

    • 1. Strength-building drills.
      This type of exercise involves weight lifting, use of elastic bands, functional training like climbing stairs, and alternating from sitting to standing position. Also called as resistance training, it is well known for building strong muscles. The seniors should do this exercise daily by doing simple activities like carrying heavy grocery bags and getting out of a chair while holding loads. This will also be beneficial especially for those seniors who want to stay independent.

      These exercises assist them to become strong and flexible and improve independence for they will not disturb other people by asking them to do small chores for them like carrying a shopping bag from a car.

    • 2. Balance exercises.
      Commonly achieved through doing yoga, tai chi, and posture exercises, balance exercises can be very beneficial to seniors by keeping them physically balanced. We all understand a minor fall can cause a major fracture, complicated injuries or even death; seniors are asked to do balance exercises that help them achieve physical balance. When they can maintain their balance, it becomes hard for them to fall and in case of it, they can protect their body from major injuries. These exercises improve strength and flexibility which greatly help reduce risks of falls.

      A senior who regularly practices balance exercises is always stable. Doing balance will always help you outstand any pressure as a result of bending because your body has become familiar with the action. Your feet will bear the weight impacted by the whole body, and the back will never pain.

    • 3. Flexibility exercises.
      By doing simple stretching and chair yoga, seniors can accomplish a lot. As the age increase, the more help you require to carry out daily activities like tying your shoelaces, driving and unpacking your shopping from the bag to the fridge. Doing flexibility exercises into your daily life can help you stay flexible and independent; you will be able to do your own tasks without hustle. This exercises will prevent seniors’ joints from aching and muscles stiff even after doing a lot of works.Flexibility exercises help the senior fight pain caused by heavy activities. When the body becomes intimate with flexibility exercises, the senior body becomes quick in acting even in case of an emergency action; let’s say in case of falling. The body can act fast without causing unnecessary pain that can result from stretching. This helps the feet become fast and hands ready.
    • 4. Cardiovascular endurance
      Perfectly done through swimming, jogging, cycling, climbing stair and dancing, the exercises help the body fill with oxygen. The exercises core value is to supply your organs with enough oxygen and prevent muscles pains. When the body doesn’t have enough oxygen, the muscles usually contract and cause a lot of pain. When this happens, the seniors will not be able to walk, and even standing can be a problem. It is advised the elderly do small cardiovascular endurance by walking and doing simple jogs. With time, the body will become adaptive, and they will be able to run little by little.Climbing stair in the house and office is much advised. This will help your body breath and take in a lot of oxygen. Doing this daily as a routine can give a stunning result. This will support the senior in becoming energetic and independent help them become strong and able to endure tiresome activities.

Whenever the heart is pumping in the right way, the healthy you are; when you work your body, and most muscles are at work, the circulation of blood flow well lowering the risk of heart failure, stroke, and other heart diseases.

What is involved in senior exercises?

Knee extensions

This will help strengthen your knees and enhance your balance. This help reduces falling risks and improves walking, climbing stairs with comfort and ease.
How to do knee extensions;

      • Sit up, back straight and knees bent.
      • With care, extend your right leg out straight in front of you for a few seconds and lower it back.
      • Repeat with left leg and do it ten times for each leg simultaneously.

Back stretching

This helps the backbone stretch and keep your body balanced from falling. It helps in reducing risks involved in backbone injuries and improve flexibility.

How to do back stretching;

      • Hands up both right and left straight with your body
      • From your waist, bend in front slowly till you touch your toes with your fingers
      • Repeat this ten times

It is important to inform a doctor before you start any exercise. This will help your receive clearance and direction on what to do and what not hence, fewer accidents and injuries.

In case of dizziness, shortness of breath, pain in joints, cold sweat, stop the exercises and call your doctors for advice.

It is good to find the exercises that match and fits your body. This will reduce the risk of injuries and will improve your body strength and flexibility.

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