Is it Bad for Your Heart to Exercise Too Much?

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We are advised to exercise regularly to improve our health. However, the research also shows that too much exercising can be harmful to your health. But note that we said too much excise.

Therefore you are required to still workout to fight various health problems. Physical activity is important to fight obesity, heart diseases and other illnesses caused by bad health styles.

There is various research that has been conducted concerning the amount of exercise that one should get engaged in. It also looked at when to set boundaries in relation to the workouts.

So Is it Bad for Your Heart to Exercise Too Much?

Results about studies conducted about the effects of too much exercising to the body cause heart diseases.

According to a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, people who are prone to working out above 10 minutes in moderate intensity are at risk. Too much workout may result in having heart diseases. This is because to much exercise causing the heart to tire and overwork as well.

The study was conducted on 3.175 people who are encouraged to take up the challenge of workout and report after 25 years of working out.

The study aimed to test how many people had calcium build up on the heart areas. The increase of calcium around the heart results in early coronary heart diseases. This results in blockage of the flow of blood to the heart.

After the estimated period, the study showed that 27 per cent of these people had high levels of coronary calcium. The people who tested positive for having the calcium were estimated to have worked out for about 450 minutes. This opposed to the recommended 150 minutes in a week.

Therefore from this study, it was included that an adult should do moderate exercise for about 150 minutes a week. If you are into vigorous exercise, make sure to take about 75 minutes in a week.

This way, one can maintain a healthy body without causing health hazards from the exercises.

Some of the vigorous exercises outlined include running, cycling, swimming, dancing, and any other strenuous exercise. The moderate exercises include; walking, slow sports like golfing hiking, home exercise and also gardening.

Those who stayed within the require excising time, reported to having a safe life as opposed to those who extended up to 450 minutes. Another interesting result that was recorded from this exercise study is the fact that most white men were affected as compared to women. This means that from a total of 80 per cent of the participants, a larger number of the males who had chances of developing the coronary calcium were males.

Although too much workout can damage your body organs, it is important to remember that exercising is also beneficial to these organs. Regular exercising based on the moderation advised can help in keeping you healthy.

This will help keep you free from various diseases related to the heart. Therefore if you exercise less than advised, chances of getting high blood pressure and hepatitis 2 are quite high. So make sure to do regular and moderate exercise according to the required time.

Extreme exercise is not all bad for the health.

The above study conducted concluded that the vigorous exercise that people engage in daily may have various health hazards. Another study conducted in Swedish gave a different result altogether.

The study was conducted on 74000 non-elite long-distance cross-country skiers. The study showed that among these people involved in the area, those who were able to complete all the races and within a short period of time had a long life as opposed to the rest.

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