How far should you walk a day to keep fit?

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Walking is categorised as an exercise that can help one to lose weight and stay healthy. But, if you want to get fast and best results with walking, you need to find a good plan that works for your body. So how far should you walk a day to keep fit?

There are different walking recommendations that one can choose depending on the goals that they wish to achieve at a given time. It also depends on their bodies as well. So, if you would want to embark on walking as a way to keep fit, choose the best walk recommendation from the following list.

Bare minimum.
This is the exercise whereby one is required to engage in aerobic exercises like walking for about 150 minutes in a week. Therefore, if you join this exercise at different intervals per week, you will be expected to walk for about 2 hours and a half in a week.

This may seem like a lot of time especially for a beginner, but if you would want to lessen the burden, consider breaking the two and half hours at different times.

For example, if you will be walking on a daily basis for a week, you can walk for 22 minutes. And for those who may want to walk for three days a week, make sure to take about 30 minutes for your daily walk.

Keep in mind that walking is a moderate exercise that does not require too much of your energy. Hence if you want to achieve the best results from your walk, consider doubling the hours you walk for a day. This means that instead of walking for 22 minutes per day, you will be walking for about 44 to 45 minutes.

Watch your body weight.

If you are walking as a way to monitor your weight loss, it is advisable that you consider the weight goal you wish to achieve. For example, according to the ACSM, one is required to walk for about 150 to 250 minutes in a week if you want to lose a moderate weight in your body. But, if you would want to lose a significant amount of weight, make sure to increase the number of minutes you walk per week. You can choose between 250 to 350 minutes a week.

The truth of the 10000 steps workout.

Just as people should take at least eight glasses of water in a day, it is also recommended that you walk for 10,000 steps in a day for better body fitness results. This is based on various wearable workout gadgets. These products are used to measure the right number of steps that one should take per day to get good workout results.

Some of the gadgets like pedometers suggest that a person should take 10,000 steps in a day for best weight loss results.

Importance of the 10,000 steps.

This walking exercise was first invented in Japan around 1963 whereby it was medically and scientifically proven. It was incorporated into the pedometer gadget as a way of motivating people to love working out especially walking.

This workout slogan was later introduced in America in the 90s, and immediately it was adopted by most Americans. After a few studies, it was proven that indeed this movement has huge benefits. This is primarily for people living an unhealthy life.

Research shows that walking for 10 k step a day is equivalent to running for five miles a day. The walks take about 90 minutes in a day which is quite high as opposed to the 45 minutes standard time recommended by the CDC.

The ability of a person to be able to walk for all this time is facilitated by the use of the pedometer. According to a research conducted by the Stanford University of medicine, the results showed that this gadget is a great help. It assisted in increasing one’s body activities. It motivates a person to walk for long hours thus resulting in tremendous weight loss within a short period.

A huge number of the UK population are either obese or overweight. The study showed that the smart device helps these people reduce their weight. This is because the device allows them to increase the body’s workout with over 2000 steps or a mile.

How to use the smart gadget for walking fitness.

The 10,000 steps may be a bit hard for beginners, and so, it is recommended that you set up fewer steps to fuel the body first.

You can start off with around 4000 steps and increase depending on how your body is responding to the walks exercise. By doing this exercise on a daily basis, one can facilitate weight loss and also lower the risks of high blood pressure.

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