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Is it Bad for Your Heart to Exercise Too Much?

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We are advised to exercise regularly to improve our health. However, the research also shows that too much exercising can be harmful to your health. But note that we said too much excise. Therefore you are required to still workout to fight various health problems. Physical activity is important to fight obesity, heart diseases and

How far should you walk a day to keep fit?

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Walking is categorised as an exercise that can help one to lose weight and stay healthy. But, if you want to get fast and best results with walking, you need to find a good plan that works for your body. So how far should you walk a day to keep fit? There are different walking

Physical Activity Guidelines For Older Adults 65 Years

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What is the amount physical activity the older people who are 65 and above need to stay healthy? Well, this question does not have a direct answer. The amount of physical activity an older person needs depends on the person’s age plus his or her health level. To maintain or improve health, an older person