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Why is it Important for Older Adults to Exercise?

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Exercising is one of the most essential activities for all people since it brings along various health benefits. The health benefits include; strengthening and improving the bones, resulting in a well- functioning heart, and also it increases the flexibility of the entire body. Although exercise is recommended for all ages, older adults have more benefits

Physical Activity In Older Adults: Statistics

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Guidelines outlined in this article are beneficial for persons aged 65 years and above. It includes all people who are aged in between that range and are struggling with chronic NCD conditions. Anyone struggling with health conditions like cardiovascular and diabetes should take close monitoring. They should seek extra medical precautions before working on achieving

Is it Bad for Your Heart to Exercise Too Much?

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We are advised to exercise regularly to improve our health. However, the research also shows that too much exercising can be harmful to your health. But note that we said too much excise. Therefore you are required to still workout to fight various health problems. Physical activity is important to fight obesity, heart diseases and

How far should you walk a day to keep fit?

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Walking is categorised as an exercise that can help one to lose weight and stay healthy. But, if you want to get fast and best results with walking, you need to find a good plan that works for your body. So how far should you walk a day to keep fit? There are different walking

How Much Exercise A Week for Weight Loss?

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According to Ben Quist, PhD, NSCA, there are two main impediments to losing weight through exercise, and they are injury and boredom. The secret behind losing weight is creating a calorie deficit. This means that you burn more calories than what you consume. It is said that when running at 8-minute mile speed it might